Flower Moon

flower moon - 1


It was one of those nights in which the light never went out.   Although I waited for the sun to set before going to bed, the room was still bright when I closed my eyes.  Every time I awakened in the night, the light had barely changed, as the fading sunshine transitioned into moonlight, and I was confused about whether I’d just gone to sleep, or was it now time to get up.  When I heard the noisy geese, I knew it was morning, and I got out of bed to watch the full moon set over the mountains across the lake from the porch.   The full flower moon.

Lilacs and dogwood were blooming in Spokane, and when we arrived back home, the white and pink cherry blossoms had burst open in the orchard next door.  In two days, the Aspen tree next to the porch has sprouted leaves.  I read in the book, The Hidden Life of Trees, that there are translucent seeds which actually sprout open under the moon light.  It’s really true that these things happen over night.  The lake level is up, creeping to the bottom of the dock ladder.  The sun has been shining for days and the temperature has shot up into the 70s.   Don mowed the lawn and I hung sheets on the clothes line.  A pair of geese floated by near the shore with six yellow baby goslings between them, and the loon is hanging out not far off the end of the dock.  The hummingbirds are back at the porch feeder, and mother robin stayed on her nest while Don cleaned windows out there the other day.   Last night, we thought there might be babies, but she was just turning her eggs.  Spring is bustin’ out all over.

It was thunderstorm-feeling last night, as a new weather front makes its way here.  It sprinkled a bit last night and soon the high temperatures will go back down to the 50’s.  It’s kind of a relief, actually.  I always like normal in-season weather, and this sudden burst of summertime has made me feel like I have to hurry up and get ready.  I don’t like to move that fast through Time.  So, we’ll be slowing back down, moving winter clothes to upstairs closets, getting the screen doors put up, finding something in my cookbooks other than soup to make for dinner.  And, of course, in a few more days, I’ll be eager for the next burst of sunshine and warmth.

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