Summer solstice 2017

solstice4 - 1


“Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains…”
–  Diane Ackerman

Last night, after dinner, we took the old Nymph motorboat out for its maiden voyage of the season.  It was suddenly summer and there are no words to describe the color blue, the soft air, and sweet smells of a quiet evening boat ride on Flathead Lake, but it settles deep into your body.   We have now made the turn into Summer, and my oh my, isn’t it grand!

The Earth & Sky blog reads this morning:  “Each solstice marks a “turning” of the year. Even as this northern summer begins with the solstice, throughout the world the solstice also represents a “turning” of the year. To many cultures, the solstice can mean a limit or a culmination of something. From around the world, the sun is now setting and rising as far north as it ever does. The solstice marks when the sun reaches its northernmost point for the year. After the June solstice, the sun will begin its subtle shift southward on the sky’s dome again. Thus even in summer’s beginning, we find the seeds of summer’s end.”   Oh to be back in childhood, when the ‘seeds of summer’s end’ were invisible and the beginning of summer stretched out endlessly.  Yet, in this time, in my time, summer is like an old photograph album, bringing back to life those vacations to the seashore, or to a rented cottage beside a mountain lake, and the laziness of a humid day, when there wasn’t a singe leaf rustling in the shade trees, as you walked home from the library with your arms full of books for the week ahead.  Opening the kitchen door, early on a summer morning, that smell in the air brings it all back, just when I need it.

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