August morning

august morning - 1


It was nice to see some cloud bits this morning.  Now that the smoke from fires in Montana, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia has moved into our valley, this was an early morning treat on what will surely be a hazy day.   The weather forecast begins with, “No long-term relief from wildfire smoke…persistence is the going trend for the Northern Rockies over the next couple of days as northwesterly flow aloft continues.”  On and on it goes–wildfire season–finishing off this hot dry summer.

Through the slats in the shutters, I watched the flickering stern and bow lights on the sailboat and finally dragged myself out of bed when I heard Don glide out on the paddle board to turn them off.  The coffee smells better on these darkening mornings, and it’s warm and cozy in the breakfast nook, now that we’re closing the windows at night.  There’s less of a rush to do anything, and I just sat on the rocks by the water in my bathrobe, loving on one of the kitties, watching clouds take shape in the morning light.  We have a family with three boys arriving soon, from Switzerland, with high expectations for swimming and boating and hiking, croquet and badminton, and orange sunsets from the dock.  They will be with us until the tail end of August.  So, I don’t want to rush in Autumn, just around the next corner, but it’s sweetness is already coming into view.


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