Autumn winds

somers - 1


“Come said the wind to
the leaves one day,
Come o’re the meadows
and we will play.
Put on your dresses
scarlet and gold,
For summer is gone
and the days grow cold.”
– A Children’s Song of the 1880’s

It feels like the wind can’t stop blowing lately, bringing in one weather system after another.  Yesterday, Autumn was in all her glory.  The Coup de Vent sailed across the lake in high seas, and I met Don and his sailor friend at the Somer’s Bay dock, as an extra set of hands in getting her out of the water on to the trailer,  and then steeping the mast for the drive back home.   I was a fish out of water, watching the two of them at their task.  The wind was blowing with a frenzy, creating energy that is either exhilarating or foreboding.  Every maneuver seemed to create a new problem to solve, either by the laws of physics or by a crescent wrench in a certain size.  Sometimes, it involved finding a huge rock or using a heavy log as a battering ram.  I wanted to take a photo of Don, as he stood over the water on the end of the trailer, turning the winch with his foot–a remarkable physics demonstration–but Steve’s old blue Ford pick-up truck, rear wheels deep in water on the boat ramp, kept making this moaning sound.  He was in the truck, so I was all alone for the possible brake failure, and I kept imagining the scenario of when the truck let loose and Don was bounced off his precarious perch, thrown under the wheels of the Ford.  Miraculously, their mission was successfully accomplished.  My small part, once the boat was secure on the trailer and out of the water, was to catch the bags full of sails thrown down and put them in the car, and to climb the ladder and hold a rope while they lowered the mast  The mast support failed, and it came crashing down, and made a terrifying noise (in my opinion), but they said nothing was broken as they picked up various parts strewn on the ground.

I was set free to go home.  The wind and adventure had exhausted me, so with camera in the car, I drove the quiet back road through Somers.  I parked in a favorite spot, and wandered around the gold and red meadow, in the foreground of that beautiful blue-green lake.  I could hear the waves, as the wind would give me no respite.  The white grasses swayed back and forth and leaves fluttered across my face in the brisk air.  I could have stayed there forever, in the late afternoon light, just waiting for the wind to stall out.   Every splendid day, like yesterday, could be the last best one of the season.  Rain and snow is in the forecast for the days ahead.  Summer is surely being put to bed, and the days grow cold.

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