Winter nights


winter nights - 101.30.18

The week-end New York Times had a piece, “A night that lasts for days”, in which they invited readers to share their photos and stories about living in polar darkness.  Some 700 participants shared stunning photos and thoughts about the dark.  I particularly liked what Gustav Haggstom said from growing up in Lulea, Sweden:

When I was a kid, we used to close the streetlights in the village just to get it darker and enjoy the stars and the night sky. A fire is more cozy when the darkness is complete and the wind is howling.

And, doesn’t this sound wonderful, from Mona Eskelinen in Rovaniemi, Finland:

When you get back from work or school, it is amazing to take all your formal clothes off, heat the sauna and sweat. Then, put on some comfortable clothes, brew your favorite hot drink and get cozy on your sofa under a blankie.

So, there really is no reason to rush things, even as Groundhog Day is rapidly approaching.   I am not ready to quit on getting cozy on the sofa under my blankie. The week-end weather was a mix of occasional sunshine, occasional rain and occasional snow flurries.  We had a dinner party here Saturday night and I spent the entire afternoon listening to music while I cooked and polished the silver, and watched flurries and rain drops out the kitchen window.  On Sunday, I spent the better part of an hour watching four Bald Eagles, in a tree just outside the French doors, as they gnawed away on prey.  And, I’ve discovered that the Cognac I bought for Saturday’s dish, is an outstanding evening hot drink to sip by the warm fire.

The Blue/Supermoon is brilliant out there over the water, in the wee hours.  It’s been strangely warm, but some very raw weather is on its way with wind and night-time temperatures back down into the teens.   So, Winter continues…but the nights are the best.

The sounds of the frost biting the corners of the house, ice singing, footsteps on the snow — these are all part of the experience.  Sanni Orasmaa from Finland.



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