The Skies of March

skies of march

03.08.15.  What a week it has been in the skies!  The Worm Moon has been setting over the mountains on the west side of the lake, casting shimmering moonbeams all the way across to our shores.  We’ve stood out there in the early mornings, with our coffee, to watch the show, and could hear the hundreds of Tundra Swans on the north edge of the lake, starting their own day.  And, the afternoons have been warmed with sunshine, still and quiet at the lake as puffy white clouds drift by.  Fifteen to twenty degrees above normal, it’s been a wonderful tonic for everyone.  With Daylight Savings Time, we go to bed and there is lingering faint light left in the sky, as we move along to own version of Land of the Midnight Sun, here in the north country.

I caught a quote from The American Meteor Society last week (I know–who looks at these things), and they said, “…there is not much to look forward to this month except for the evening fireballs that seem to peak this time of year from the northern hemisphere.”  FIREBALLS?!  Not much to look forward to!?  As I dug deeper, it seems there will be a grand meteor shower around the Spring Equinox…a major event of its own, less than two weeks away.

And, how about the images of Ceres which are coming in from NASA’s spacecraft, Dawn.  The spacecraft has been traveling for seven years to get there and slipped into Cere’s orbit this past week.  Who knew about Ceres?  I guess Pluto, demoted as a planet, arrested Cere’s own development way back then, but Ceres is supposed to contain all the matter from the beginning of our Universe.  (Dawn of the Universe).

Well, in my world, this has a splendid March sky so far, with so much to look forward to.

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