More Summer


07.28.15  The NOAA weather forecaster wrote this morning,  “Summer-like weather makes its triumphant return.”  I love how they let their biases leech into the reports.  After discussing this low pressure system and how there might be snow above 7500 feet and frost in northern valleys when it clears out, you can just feel the writer go “whew!”.  And, so, there is more summer to come and the battle over the geraniums continues here at the lake.  I am not so hopeful they can make it for another month.   Last night, anticipating there would be showers, I set the wicker basket of pansies, out from under the covered porch, on the lawn.  The deer obviously thought i had set out a lovely snack for them–no black netting to push aside, just a nice basket of goodies, left by the lady in the house.

Mom comes down every morning with her two spotted babies.  They are so sensitive that the click of my camera shutter, behind a closed window, makes them bolt up the lawn on those skinny gangly legs.  In another month, they will be brave enough to nibble on the flowers at my kitchen window box, watching me make a cup of coffee.  I wish they would dine out someplace else, but it’s hard to see them as the enemy, try as I may.

Just a month of summer left to go.  With the stormy skies, the lamps were on in the house last night and I cooked a hearty winter-heavy pasta dish.  I follow the blog of a charming English architect, and nobody could say it better than he did:

“…and tonight it was so grey and stormy, we lit a fire and autumn ever so gently knocked at the door…of course, there are lots of adventures to be had before then.”

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