St. Patrick’s Day

st patricks day - 1 (1)

03.17.16  After one of the most beautiful sunsets, we awakened to snow this morning.  The sun is out and it will melt soon, but another fickle day in the month of March.  How nice it is to have St. Patrick’s Day in the middle of things.  Bright green shamrocks with baby white flowers, Celtic music on public radio, and all the pubs serving corned beef and cabbage with quintessential green beer.  A day to just feel light and happy, no matter the weather.

This month is flying by and Spring officially arrives in two days.  It’s the earliest vernal equinox since 1896.  Maybe that’s why I’m losing track of time–that, and the daylight savings time change which still feels like jet lag.  I just realized yesterday that we are flying out to Hawaii next week; I thought it was another week later.  What have I been doing with myself this month!  I think I had grand plans to get going with a thorough spring cleaning and clearing inside the house,  while Don has been outside, chopping down dead trees, clearing the thickets, and thatching the lawn.  But, alas, a new book arrived in the mail:  Weatherland…writers & artists under English skies by Alexandra Harris.  It begins with a John Keats quote, “I hope you are better employed than in gaping after weather.

With the skies of March, I’ve had time for little else, it would seem.  As Harris writes:

“I have done nothing but watch the light and the water, and feel the cold, the wet, the wind, and afterwards the warmth.  There are places where these things are so all-consuming that there’s time for little else.”


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